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Flat roofing Bath

Harrington Flat Roofing specialists have been installing flat roofing in Bath and Wiltshire for over 30 years and have seen and tried most of the systems available and truly believe that the traditional felt based systems are the best. There have been advances in torch on felt systems that mean a modern flat roof will have an average life span of 20 years provided that it is laid on a good decking system. So do not be put off by a flat roof – they are far less expensive than a pitched roof.

Torch on felt roofing

Torch on felt flat roofing systems are laid on plywood decking comprise of 3 layers: a vapour control membrane, a thin layer of reinforced felt called the underlay and finally a thicker layer of felt called a cap sheet where the underside has been pre-treated with a covering of bitumen. This bitumen covering is heated with a propane gas torch as the felt is unrolled and applied to the roof surface while it is still hot in order to weld all three layers together.
There are a few options regarding finishing touches:

  • The plain black bitumen finish is ideal for adding a solar reflective paint finish
  • A mineral fleck finish is available in slate grey, green, brown and blue
  • Walk way tiles can be added if your flat roof is positioned where you require pedestrian access
  • Limestone chippings can also be applied

All of our flat roofs are installed with mineral edging as standard which give a neat appearance by hiding the edges of the felt.

If you would like a quote for flat roofing in Bath or Wiltshire, please call Ray at Harrington Flat Roofing Specialists on 01249 653834.

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The Debotac Topguard System

Apply the primer, flat roofing Bath

Apply the primer

Roll on the venting layer, flat roofing Bath

Roll on the venting layer

Roll on the underlay, flat roofing Bath

Roll on the underlay

Seal with the torch, flat roofing Bath

Seal with the torch

Apply the cap sheet, flat roofing Bath

Apply the cap sheet

Seal the overlap, flat roofing Bath

Seal the overlap

Seal with the torch, flat roofing Bath

Seal with the torch

Trim the detailing, flat roofing Bath

Trim the detailing

EPDM Rubber membrane (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

Fantastic looking, durable and fitted in one sheet, rubber membrane websites are hugely popular. Harrington roofers, as one of the West Countries leading flat roof specialists are happy to advise and fit rubber membrane systems (EPDM).

The benefits of EDPM are:

Safe installation – a flame is not required
Seamless roof – no joins
Attractive long-lasting appearance
Good value for money – very low life-cycle cost
Rubber is Eco-friendly
Superior durability and flexibility

The new single-ply waterproofing membrane by Resitrix combines the  advantages of polymer modified bitumen with all the superior qualities of EPDM. Their patented system is guaranteed for 50 years, forms a formidable bond and is suitable for all weather conditions.