Flat roofing Calne

Flat roofing Calne

Flat roofing projects in Calne, Chippenham and Wiltshire

For over thirty years Harrington have been laying flat roofing in Calne, Chippenham and throughout Wiltshire. To see the great things people have been saying about us visit our testimonials page.

Pictures for some of our more recent projects can be viewed below. Apart from expecting a high degree of skill and professionalism from Harrington Flat Roofing Specialists we  also aim to be clean, efficient and complete the job within the specified time

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Many more testimonials and images of our roofing work are available on request. For further information and a free, no obligations quotation for flat roofing in Calne and Wiltshire, ring us on 07815 092383.

flat roofing Calne